The Weird and Wonderful Wii: Hidden Gems, Oddities, and Sleeper Hits on Nintendo’s Best Selling Console

Funny Story, I actually paid my roommate’s rent for his Wii, and i got Twilight Princess, New Super Mario Bros, and some VC games. I used it for Netflix and the Virtual Console for a long time. Eventually, I went the route many have to prolong the entertainment value of their system and softmodded it. I hooked up my old external harddrive and uploaded every NES, Genesis, Super Nintendo, and even some Sega CD games. It wasn’t until recently when i saw MetalJesusRocks Wii Hidden Gems episode that I decided to start building up my Wii Collection. Unlike Xbox 360 and PS3, Nintendo Wii had a ton of exclusive titles. With their unique control system, I believe a good amount of Wii games will become very collectible. Already three games have reached over $100 on Ebay (Xenoblade Chronicles, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn). So this month, I’ll be writing some reviews on some of the lesser known Wii titles that are unique to the system.

Here’s what I have so far (links to gameplay videos):

Games I don’t have yet, but will review when i have them:

Comment below if you know of any other Wii games i should review.